Projects and Successes

Supplemental Arts program

Parent council provided about $260 per class in supplemental arts supplies. Here is some of what was created. (Winter 2018)


 Hip Hop Dance!

A portion of funds were used to invite a Hip Hop dance instructor into the school. Let’s see those moves! (Winter 2018)


Bike Racks!

You may have noticed that the school has some beautiful new bike racks. More than a few people on Parent Council have tried to procure new bike racks for Elgin Street Public School – and finally, in late November, after much perseverance, changes in suppliers, and ultimately a bit of good luck and strong leadership the new bike racks were delivered! (Fall 2017)


The significantly discounted racks were paid for by a combination of existing Parent Council Funds and a donation from the Jack Purcell community center.

We hope that these racks can be used by generations of Elgin School families.