How to tell if a Melbourne topless waitress likes you – An expert’s account

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Have you been seeking a way to flirt with a topless waitress Melbourne flaunts? We have some experts who were kind enough to share their stories and tips with us and we felt you could find them quite handy, enjoy.

There are six things to keep an eye out for.

These six flirting truths were agreed upon by all of the bartenders I spoke with. I call it the PANDA Point System, and you need a total score of at least 10 to be confident your topless waitress is genuine. Boys, bring your legal pads to the bars!

Contact with the body (one point)

“One of my coworkers had this technique; he used to leave the bar and brush by a female he was trying to pick up, and when he moved around her, he put his hand on her shoulder.” “He said it worked 50% of the time… which might be a stretch,” said my brother Tripp Fulton, who worked as a bartender in Baltimore, Maryland for five years at a variety of fine (and not-so-fine) restaurants.

Attention… a lot of it, especially if the pub is crowded (two points)

“Most bartenders are just extroverts by nature,” Amy explained. “I believe if I’m flirting with you, you should be aware of it.” But it doesn’t always appear to be so simple for men. Because so many people assume I’m flirting with them when I’m not.”

“Look, males don’t really ‘flirt’ with customers as ladies do; if a man is coming on to you, you’ll know it.” “He’s going to buy you drinks, and he’s going to start spending all of his time in your corner — it’ll be apparent unless he’s attempting to disguise it from his employer,” Fulton said.

Not charging you for drinks (three points) “I’d pay extra attention to the gentleman, even when I’m overwhelmed… like noting he needs a drink,” remarked Bri S., an old college friend, and Hooters alum. “And then I’d start giving him free beers.” A lot of booze.”

revealing sensitive information about themselves (four points)

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“Guys will go to the lonely hearts club and say, ‘Oh, my ex-girlfriend and I used to go there…’ He’s exhibiting his mate status.” If you hear a guy speaking wistfully about his ex, it’s because he’s single, according to radio personality and psychotherapist Dr. Wendy Walsh.

“You never know what a guy’s problem is, and it’s often difficult to tell by the people he’s with.” “So, first and foremost, I’d probably tell him something about myself… goals, or what I want to do, or whatever,” Amy explained.

Any inquiries that may require you to reveal personal information about yourself (five points)

Amy goes on to say: “If he doesn’t catch the message, I’ll just start putting out feelers, questioning him about his circumstances, and casually getting to the bottom of his relationship status.”

Connection to a second platform (six points)

A phone number, a friend request, or an Instagram follow are all examples of “cracking the seal” of the bartender-customer standoff. “That shows we want to keep in contact, and we’re willing to socialize outside of the bar,” Amy explained. “It probably means you’re in.”

How can you pique your bartender’s interest? “Tip properly,” Bri said, “and just don’t be a nasty person.”

“Tip generously, be nice, don’t take up too much of my time talking to me while I’m working — just follow standard bar decorum,” I swear we notice things like this. On a slow day, come in and ask the bartender about herself… or himself. On a slow day, no one is more bored than a bartender, so we will absolutely give everyone a chance,” Amy added. “Really, all you have to do is be a decent man.” Be pleasant and ask us about ourselves while we aren’t busy. That’s the only way you’re going to get through, but don’t be obnoxious. Never, ever. Remember, we’re at work in this scenario?”

“What women want to be complimented on is not our appearance. “The way a male gets intimate with a woman — speak about something she does, says, or is,” Dr. Walsh remarked.

Here are some things you should never do.

“A few nights ago, a gentleman at the pub offered to me, ‘If you let me take you out to my vehicle, I could do things you couldn’t even conceive,'” Bri explained. “And I had no hesitation in telling him, ‘Yeah, I would never fathom it, and if I did, I would definitely throw up.'”

“Once, on my way to the kitchen, a gentleman stopped me and asked, ‘Do you like to cook?’ ‘Sure,’ I responded, and then he asked if I liked to clean, and I just kind of nodded, but then he added, ‘Do you like to fuck?’ “Where… in what circumstance… on what planet could this person possibly believe that phrase would work?” Amy stated.

“If a lady crosses her arms while chatting to you, it’s a dead giveaway that she’s not into you,” Dr. Walsh explained. “It’s aloof, and she’s practically covering her chest, as if to say, ‘don’t look at my chest, don’t think about my chest.’ ‘I’m going to shut you out.'”

“There was one instance when a female wouldn’t leave one of our male waiters alone… even out of the bar, on off-hours, and we had to approach her about it,” Mack told me. “Believe it or not, I’ve seen that be an issue.”

So, what about the homosexual bar scene?

I spoke with another old buddy who works at a family-friendly franchise restaurant in Pittsburgh. He asked that I keep his workplace confidential (it doesn’t rhyme with T.G.I. Shmriday’s) and refer to him as “Mr. X” – which I think is a touch generous, but I’ll go with it because I owe him $10. He also works at a homosexual bar on the side.

“I guess it’s different with me,” Mr. X said. “When I’m working at (his primary restaurant), I’m not really that flirtatious towards males anyhow… simply to be safe.” Unless, of course, they are regulars.”

But in the homosexual pub, it’s a different story.

The homosexual club has a considerably more… sexually charged environment. I suppose that’s what you’d call it. And this is true for everyone, not just me. In my perspective, it’s a lot more free-flowing and easygoing, and it’s far more frequent to get picked up and pick up individuals while working behind the bar than it is at conventional bars. Actually, I take advantage of my position… who doesn’t want free drinks?”

In this situation, each point in the PANDA Point System is worth twice as much. Yes Or something like that.

Should I leave my phone number on the bill if I believe my bartender is interested?

“That’s like the lamest thing a guy can do,” Bri said. “It’s like, come on… you’re really going to whine while I’m actually here, and then you want me to be motivated to call you?” That is not the way it works.”

“That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Finally, while this may sound like a dull cliche, confidence is the most beautiful quality in a man. Doing so demonstrates “zero balls, zero confidence, and it’s just… it’s just bizarre,” Amy explained.

Have any of these five bartenders ever witnessed this approach in action?

“No,” I say.

“No,” I say.

“No way.”

“No,” I say.

“Oh, Jesus, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Oh my God.”

The PANDA Point System penalizes you 20,000 points for writing a message on your receipt. You may never be able to find love again.

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