Routine Tips for Beginner Strippers

Routine Tips for Beginner Strippers

You’ve probably seen the way strippers act and often wonder how they are able to muster such courage. Well, to quell your curiosity, we’ve taken the pain to compile some routine tips for beginner strippers. Read, learn and enjoy.

  1. At home, find a flat surface to work on and make a few passes in your heels. You can even practice turning around and getting used to the shoes’ slick bottoms.
  2. When you first step onto the stage, you’ll want to get to the pole as soon as possible. Find the closest wall if there isn’t a pole on the stage. You should lean against a wall or a pole to keep from wobbling (or falling!).
  3. If you’re on the pole, keep one hand on it and gently walk around it. Lean back against it with your back against it. (You can even do this with a wall.)
  4. Make a point of looking out at the audience. Nothing is more annoying than a new girl staring at the pavement.
  5. Don’t get too enthusiastic or eager if you see someone approaching the stage to tip you. You don’t want to run over there and inadvertently trip. Take your time to switch to the floor with the pole. Then creep over there slowly, attempting to maintain eye contact. When you’re first starting out, you don’t want to go over there because you could easily fall without the pole to protect you.
  6. When doing a stage dance for someone who is about to tip you, each club has its own set of rules. In most cases, the tipper is not touched at all. You can do a bridge pose, lie on your back or foot, or twerk while on all fours.
  7. After the patron is finished tipping you, extend the side of your g-string or panty for them to slide the tip into.
  8. Gently and purposefully drawl back to the pole or wall, then return to standing.
  9. Take off your top and bottoms for the second song (if applicable). Make no fuss about it until you’ve gotten used to walking on set. Go backstage to take everything off because I didn’t want to embarrass myself if I couldn’t get the bra unclasped. 
  10. Repeat for the second song and you’re done! 
Routine Tips for Beginner Strippers

Lap Dances 

As aspiring strippers, for the first few table dances, we recommend watching and copying what the other dancers are doing. Each club has its own set of rules for what is permitted on the dance floor during a table dance. The two famous rules are no touching and always putting one foot on the ground. No touching the ground with your paws. There will be no hugging or rubbing with the customer. learn more about Central Cost Strippers at

We’ll do a separate post about table dances, but for now, keep it quick. You want to strip, but you don’t want to give so many away so you want them to pay more. Since each dance should be a tease, the first one should be sultry yet traditional. Ideally, you can use your dances to upsell VIP membership. Know what to bill for dances as well. Don’t stack dances; fee per 1-3 dances at most. (Stacking dances means not being paid for each one separately.)

Slow down the dancing to avoid some wild acrobatics. It’s completely acceptable to admit that you’re not a very good dancer or that this is the first time giving a dance if you fumble. Trust us when we say that clients enjoy hearing this. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about!!

Things to Remember

Now, there are several things to keep in mind as an aspiring stripper. Most aspiring strippers often think that strip dancing is rocket science. This perception makes them unnecessarily jittery. In this regard, we’ve put together some need-to-know info you should internalize as an aspiring stripper. 

  • Just because you can’t “dance” or don’t know how doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do this work. In a common context, it isn’t really dancing. There are no steps to remember or choreography to practice.
  • Your ally is the pole. To perform on stage, you don’t have to be a trained pole dancer. As you get used to walking in platform shoes, you can use the pole more as a prop, particularly at first, to help you stand and turn around.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to have stage fright! We ‘d be lying if we said no girl ever nervous before going on stage. Most girls  would sweat as soon as they hear the DJ announce their name. And after YEARS of doing it, most girls will still be anxious. It made no difference how much you wanted to drink. Stage fright is completely normal, so once you get over it, you’ll be fine.

Once you get your first tips it will make you feel so good you’ll forget about your nerves. 

  • Don’t be afraid to do dances. This is where you can make the majority of your earnings. If you discover a few moves that you like, stick with them and practice them over and over. Believe us when we say that the customer will not be able to tell the difference!
  • Make use of the club’s many mirrors. Of course, you want to focus on the customer, but don’t forget to check yourself in the mirror to ensure you’re looking fine and, most importantly, having fun.
  • If you slip and fall, just laugh it off! It happens to the best of us, particularly after a few drinks!

Repetition and rehearsal are important for your first stripping routines. If you’ve found a few movements you like, make sure to keep repeating them over and over. As you gain trust, you will begin to add more. Have fun doing it and don’t take yourself too seriously. Really, you’ve got this!

Final Thoughts

With what we’ve discussed, you should be able to get started as a stripper with the initial self-doubt most strippers often have. Feel free to go over this post again until you’ve grasped every helpful info you can. 

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